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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Events

IO Combinations 360°

Date: 20-Jun-19 to 21-Jun-19
IO Combinations 360° provides the most up-to-date research, data and progress on combination developments to help IO stakeholders: - Be at the forefront of the most relevant research and developments for IO combinations from key leadership who are at the pulse of cancer - Foster collaboration amongst others working in all aspects of cancer immunotherapy by rounding up all stakeholders under one - Receive the latest pre-clinical, translational and clinical data from academia and - Better understand what assets are available for potential combinations that may be able to give patients more treatment - Create and prioritize combination strategies targeted toward specific tumor - Get key investor and analyst evaluations and insights on the IO ...

Cardiac Rhythm Device: Implantation, Management, and Follow Up

Date: 21-Jun-19 to 23-Jun-19
Location: New York / United States
The Cardiac Rhythm Device Summit will provide an update on the indications, follow up, and management of cardiac rhythm technology, emphasizing clinical pearls. Hundreds of thousands of patients receive cardiac rhythm devices each year for brady or tachyarrhythmis and heart failure. In addition, the number of people who may benefit from an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and/or cardiac resynchronization device (CRT) has substantially increased in the past decade. Evolving device technology has increased programming complexity, follow-up, and management. Cardiac implantable device management related to electrophysiology remains a major part of daily practice for cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and non-physician caregivers involved in the management of these devices. ...

MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting on Supportive Care in Cancer 2019 San Francisco

Date: 21-Jun-19 to 23-Jun-19
The MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting is the pre-eminent multidisciplinary conference on supportive care in cancer. It covers the range of problems experienced by cancer patients as a result of the disease and its treatments. Topics address all stages of cancer from diagnosis, through treatment, rehabilitation, survivorship, palliative and end of life care. Since the meeting is taking place in San Francisco, close to Silicon Valley, one of the main themes - and a plenary session topic - will be the interaction of digital health and supportive care. Indeed, we are seeking to team up with many of the major technology companies involved in oncology. The themes of the other plenary sessions are • New treatments, new • Sexual • Cancer The rapid advances in cancer ...

The Great Plains Laboratory Presents GPL Academy Practitioner Workshops

Date: 21-Jun-19 to 22-Jun-19
When you attend a GPL Academy workshop, you will find out why our tests may be incredibly valuable to your practice, what particular markers may be the most meaningful to specific patients, and you will learn how to use our tests in tandem to provide your patients with the most personalized treatment plans possible. CME credits are available for qualifying credentials! Practitioner attendees receive a FREE Organic Acids Test, worth $299! For a full description of each workshop presentation, please see the schedule for this workshop at Day ORGANIC ACIDS Learn how to use this comprehensive metabolic test in your practice to help with your most difficult-to-diagnose patients. With 74 markers, including those for yeast and ...

14th Conference of the European Council of Enterostomal Therapists (ECET)

Date: 23-Jun-19 to 26-Jun-19
Location: Italy
The ECET conference offers high level scientific presentations, networking activities and it is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with international colleagues. By participating in the conference, Become updated and educated on the most recent knowledge and research within enterostomal Get the opportunity to experience and meet with peer researchers and clinicians. Get the chance to attend a variety of high level key sessions, free papers, hands-on Meet your suppliers and exchange experiences about their products. Conference overall topics of ECET 2019: Evidence based Scientific/ Science into Development of nursing Q- Demographic Skin Patient The main ...

The Third International MaculArt Meeting

Date: 23-Jun-19 to 25-Jun-19
Location: Paris / France
MaculArt is an international meeting dedicated to the wonderful state of the art in field of macula. It is our great pleasure to announce the third International MaculArt Meeting, which will be held in the beautiful city of Paris, France on June 23-25, 2019. Due to the great success of the first and second editions, the committee decided to renew this wonderful experience and organize MaculArt 2019. Top Ophthalmologists from around the globe will be present to share their knowledge and discuss major advances in our field. The scientific program of MaculArt 2019 will include clinical case sessions, poster sessions, free paper sessions, and 14 faculty sessions dedicated to exudative AMD, vein occlusion, diabetic maculopathy, myopic maculopathy, uveitis, and much more. MaculArt 2019 will ...

GIIDS - GI Inflammatory Diseases Summit

Date: 24-Jun-19 to 26-Jun-19
Location: Boston / United States
Delivering higher rates of clinical remission, demonstrating more gut-selective pharmacology and minimizing adverse side effects of your IBD candidate Developed in combination with 20 stakeholders including AbbVie, Theravance and Genentech: GIIDS will be the first end-to-end drug development forum focused exclusively on delivering more clinically safe and efficacious treatments for patients suffering from chronic GI inflammation. Across 3 days of in-depth discussion, share perspectives with industry leaders and overcome translational drug development challenges including: clinical trial design in a hyper-competitive landscape, targeting alternative proinflammatory pathways, and the potential of emerging antigen-specific and bio-therapeutics. Be part of this inaugural summit to ...

Digital Pharma West

Date: 24-Jun-19 to 26-Jun-19
We've found that, regardless of their company size, life science marketers struggle with how to effectively, efficiently and compliantly deliver optimal customer experience. However, certain challenges are universal. At Digital Pharma West, we will explore these themes, delve into relevant questions and provide solutions to help overcome obstacles in your everyday business.

2nd Combination Products Lifecycle Management 2019

Date: 25-Jun-19 to 27-Jun-19
Location: Boston / United States
Lifecycle management in drug-device combination products has gained the spotlight in recent years. Drug-device developers have realized the long-term benefits of embedding an LCM mind-set at the R&D concept stage, as opposed to only applying such a program to legacy products. This will ultimately benefit our patients with faster access to better quality and more affordable therapeutics globally. As the only industry-led community focusing on LCM, the inaugural meeting in 2018 was a huge success - gathering industry leaders from Combination Products Lead, Product Strategy & Commercial, Quality and Regulatory Affairs to share their challenges and discuss a common lifecycle framework. The 2nd annual meeting will delve further into the trending topics by incorporating first-hand ...